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Come and experience the culture with a load of excitement, as the Orleans festival takes shape like never before.


Talent from across boundaries and borders are right here for your amusement and entertainment. These individuals are professionals known to master the art form like never before and let you in on some magic.


Arts are essential to the vibrancy of a community. The Orléans Festival believes in providing accessibility to the arts for everyone and anyone who appreciates them or wants to learn more about them.


The strength of a community lies in its diversity and multiculturalism. The Orléans Festival hopes to build a sense of community by providing a multicultural and multidisciplinary event.


Synergistic partnerships contribute to the sustainability of the Orléans Festival and the betterment of our community. We believe in lasting partnerships that benefit all parties involved.


Teamwork is an integral part of the Orléans Festival. We believe that teamwork builds character, builds friendships, and builds communities.

Local arts

By all means, we need to appreciate the forms that took shape in our lands, and we promote the same. The moment you step foot into this festival, you will be exposed to a world that is more unique than anything else.


From artists to individuals, everyone came forward to share their part of the story. So, keep reading.

From the very moment I entered this field, I realised that it is a whole new world and that I am in for a beautiful evening.

Frankie A. Barnes

My friends and I had a great time, and the memories may never fade away.

Michael M. Dailey

Sometimes the only thing that I could think of is to go back to those times at the Orleans Festival.

Jane J. Tang

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Ten Orleans Festivals You Should Not Miss While You Are There

Orleans Festivals

Orleans has a lot to offer if you want to indulge in new traditions and festivals away from your home. New Orleans has some of the most celebrated festivals in the world which take place throughout the country. The festivals follow the traditions of the town as well as carry out several religious events filled with music, costumes, and grand feasts. Here are the best New Orleans Festivals which you should attend while you are there.

Jazz and Heritage Festival

This two-week-long festival is an opportunity for you to witness or perform in the greatest jazz music artwork showcase. This festival is held from the last week of April through the first week of May. In the fest, you can find musicians of all genres, 12 stages, as well as some of the best cuisines you have tried.

Jazz and Heritage Festival

Essence Festival

This festival is for someone who is a fashion and wellness enthusiast. It takes place every 4th weekend of July in the Superdome. This festival is hosted by the Essence magazine can offer ample music and comedy performances along with multicuisine. There are several conferences such as the Global Black Economic Forum and the Power conferences, which are headed by known influencers like Lady Michelle Obama, Missy Elliott, Big Freedia, and more.

French Quarter Festival

It is a four-day festival filled with the best musicians and chefs from all around America. It is the biggest free music festival around America with 23 stages hosting all genres of music. Since you get to witness the biggest artists playing for free, you will have to buy food on the premises of the festival.

French Quarter Festival

New Orleans Film Festival

The New Orleans Film Festival is being conducted for over 30 years now showcasing the best movies of the year in a 9-day celebration. This festival is filled with parties, actors, directors, and producers and conducts the biggest parties you can attend. New Orleans is also known as the Hollywood South for being a place to make new movies and TV shows for directors and filmmakers.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

If you want to attend a St. Patrick’s Day party, what better place be than New Orleans. The annual parade festival of the patron saint of Ireland is celebrated on March 10 with beers, Irish stew, and cabbages. The folks walk around wearing green kilt regalias and enjoy the music and beverages served across the block.

Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival

The best BBQ party you can attend in New Orleans is in the Crescent City Blues and BBQ festival, held every October. It is hosted by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation at the Lafayette Square. It is held for two days with two big stages and 12 BBQ stalls with BBQ for everyone. You can enjoy the freshly barbequed ribs while you listen to the best in music and explore the art stalls around the place.