Ottawa School of Art : Visual Arts Demonstrations and Workshops
The perfect opportunity for those who want to learn about visual arts is here! Come and visit the facilities of the Ottawa School of Art, Orléans Campus, in the Shenkman Arts Centre on Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th, during the Orleans Festival. They will be offering workshops and demonstrations throughout the festival. If you feel like you could be a budding artist, come and see which art medium appeals to you!

Exhibition BLOOM by Karina Kraenzle (2011)
Ottawa School of Art
For this series, my goal was essentially to build “sculptures” that would be realized only in the act of making a photograph. Using a scanner as camera, repeated small manipulations of ordinary materials – combined with a multitude of scans – is the process whereby each sculpture is “built”. Paradoxically, neither photograph nor sculpture can exist, one without the other. Therefore the title, “bloom” is a reference to both the organic quality of the image itself – as well as to its organic mode of production. The relationship between sculpture and photography has been an interest of mine for quite some time. This exhibition is the culmination of some considerable experimentation; and its aim, quite simply, is to give form and expression to the ephemeral nature of both material – and image.

Friday June 3rd
Oil pastel Workshop noon – 6pm in the Sculpture Studio with artist Erika Conner ( bilingual) “Come and learn about oil pastels: how to mix, layer and smudge colours, create texture by scratching into the surfaces, and use oil to create translucence. No experience necessary.”

Wood Working Demonstration noon to 5 pm in the Woodworking studio with artist Sean Walsh (English)

Saturday June 4th
Wood Working Demonstration 9am to 5 pm in the Woodworking studio with artist Sean Walsh (English)

Collage Workshop for children 6-14 yrs 10am to 11 am in the OSA Gallery with artist Karina Kraenzle (English)

Puppet Making Workshop 4- 12 yrs ongoing from noon to 4 pm in the Sculpture Studio avec Annie Plouffe (bilingual)

Gharana Arts
Guarana ArtsSaturday, Noon
Community Stage
Through their dance performance, Gharana Arts will promote and teach Indian tradition and culture through their group “The Kathakas”. They will perform a series of dances in a story format that portray various parts of Indian tradition throughout history at 8 pm in the Richcraft Theatre on Saturday, June 4th. To see an example of these dances, go to

Gloucester Pottery School: Pottery Demonstrations
For those of you who have always wanted to learn about pottery, here’s your chance! During the Orleans Festival, the Gloucester Pottery School is offering a free pottery demonstration on Friday June 3rd at 3:15pm. They will also have Open house times during the festival so come and learn about the creative art of pottery!

AOE Arts Council
normanPirolloDynamic community based organization that supports, promotes and develops the arts in Ottawa. AOE offers workshops, networking activities, gallery space and annual juried art shows, ART news magazine and e-news bulletins, as well as meeting room rentals. Come visit the AOE offices between 1 and 9 pm at the Sehenkman Arts Centre on Friday and between 9am and 5 pm on Saturday. Come see INTERACTION, an art exhibit by AOE members Rola Bleik and Norman Pirollo.

AOE exposition : Interaction
Normand Pirollo:
Ottawa sculptor Norman Pirollo uses wood as his primary medium, drawing inspiration from its inherent beauty. Norman continually challenges himself with new techniques and processes, which result in clean, contemporary works celebrating the natural organic forms surrounding us in our environment. His wall art is a creative combination of subtle yet dramatic features: his unique designs incorporate the unusual graphics found in vibrant woods to depict images or visions. Norman’s work has been featured in three books and various international magazines.

Rola BleikRola Bleik’s
Rola Bleik’s journey in art has taken her from the place of her birth, Beirut, Lebanon, to her adopted country, Canada. Her art is an expression of herself as a Lebanese- Canadian woman, and is executed in a range of media, including drawing, water colour and acrylic painting. She represents the contradictions in both traditional and abstract styles, relying on the expressive use of colour and bold brush strokes. The end result captures what she feels is the best of both worlds: {these compositions not only represent to me a piece of my culture embedded in my personality, it is also to me a thing of beauty and intricacy}, Rola.

Visual Arts Display (Upper Lobby)
Take time to walk through the Upper Lobby of the Shenkman Arts Centre and admire the work of 28 local artists who will be onsite to talk about their works, experiences and ideas.

Steven Bissonette

Margo Blackell

Mari Brown (Mari JH Brown & Colourblob)

Keith Burnett

Malcolm Cowell

Jacques Dompierre

David Farrar

Janis Fulton

Diane Groulx

Aline Joanis

Olaf Krassnitzky

Diane Lalonde

Lucie Leclerc

Hélène Lepage

Lisa Lorenz

Joseph Yvon Marc

Ron Matton

Mina Messiha

Adele Pierce

Carole Renaud

Shawnah Roy

Cristian S. Aluas

Janice Saunders

Fortunée Shugar

Mary Spicer

Musa Tarawneh

Wayne Theoret

Danielle Blais Vermette

Trinity Art Gallery
Owned and operated by the City of Ottawa, the Trinity Art Gallery features the works of local and regional artists in two exhibition salons. Artists are selected through an annual peer assessment process. For submission information go to

EricTardifÉric Tardif: Flight of the Imagination
May 26 to June 28, 2011
Vernissage: Sunday, May 29 – 1 to 3 pm

Eric Tardif’s work is highly metaphorical. His sculpting is as much a matter of capturing the flight of a bird as it is aboutrepresenting the bird itself. In this exhibition, the artist is interested in the symbolism of the bird and its migratory journey and portrays it in a personal and informal manner.

Anita Utas: Poetic Landscapes
May 26 to June 28, 2011
Vernissage: Sunday, May 29 – 1 to 3 pm

These paintings explore the sense of place, rather than the specificity of place. I depict the primal elements of nature, creating a memory or feeling, rather than a familiar location. The vistas offer a window for contemplation.

La Rue des Artisans
Spend some time outside in the warm June weather by taking a stroll down Centrum Boulevard , enjoy visiting with local artisans and learn all about their craft. Booths will be open from 12-8 pm on Friday, June 3rd and 10 am – 8 pm on Saturday, June 4th.

Birchbark Poetry

Choleena DiTullio Arts

Drakestail Jewellery

FABulous Jewels

Flights of Fancy

Josie Crafts

Latin Beads

Les Seaux Gadi

Linda Chenard Studio

Nicole Art

Preferably Purses

Solar Woodcuts

Virginia Ross Originals

Demonstration schedule

Canstruction is a design/build competition that ingeniously combines artistic creativity with a charitable cause, fighting hunger within the Ottawa region.

This competition consists of the design and building of colossal structures made entirely of canned foods by teams composed of architects, engineers, designers, contractors and other design professionals. Awards for best use of labels, best meal, structural ingenuity, juror’s favourite, public’s favourite and two honourable mentions will be given to teams. Canstruction® will be held at the Shenkman Art Centre from May 30th to June 5th and is organized by the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects (ORSA) and the Society for Design Administration (SDA). All food donations and cans used for the creation of these structures will be given to the Ottawa Food Bank at the closing of the event.